Health and Safety Policy

1. Introduction

 1.1 This document outlines the arrangements at this school, and highlights the specific responsibilities of individuals to ensure that this is

1.2 A copy of this policy is issued to each member of staff at The Head Teacher will ensure that individual members of staff receive notice of any sections of this policy that are specifically relevant to them.

1.3 The Health and Safety of the students and staff is a responsibility to which the School and key personnel are committed.

2. Statement from the Directors and Head Teacher

2.1  The Directors and Head Teacher along with the Administrator will take all reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure that the legal responsibilities of all persons associated with this school are Therefore, all activities must be carried out in such a way as to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all staff, children and visitors and anyone else who may be affected by the school’s activities.

2.2 The Directors and Head Teacher expect all staff to maintain an active involvement in accident prevention and health protection and recognise it as an integral part of their

2.3 The Directors and Head Teacher will take all reasonably practicable steps to meet their responsibilities, and will:

  • Appoint a member of Staff (Administrator) with specific responsibility for health and
  • Maintain plant and equipment in a safe condition and without risks to
  • Make adequate arrangements to avoid risks to health in the use, handling, storage and transport of equipment, articles and substances for use at
  • Provide sufficient     information,      training,     instruction      and     supervision     as necessary to ensure, the health and safety of
  • Create a working environment without risk to health, including safe access and
  • Employ staff who are competent to do the work in which they are
  • Comply with this policy, Health and Safety Legislation and associated guidance.

3. Specific Responsibilities

 3.1 Line Management structure for Health and Safety:

3.2 The School Directors: The school Directors are considered the policy setters and should monitor that health and safety are well managed in the To fulfil their functions the Directors will:

  • Ensure effective communication with the Head Teacher, staff, safety representatives, parents and
  • Assist in the implementation of the school’s health and safety policy by setting health and safety objectives and performance standards for the school when
  • Monitor implementation of any objectives and take all reasonable steps to ensure staff meet these objectives and
  • Ensure as far as possible that sufficient resources, including time and training, are provided to meet these objectives and
  • Monitor health and safety generally, receive termly reports from the Head Teacher and discuss this as an agenda item at meetings.

3.3 The Head Teacher and Administrator:  The  Head Teacher  is  responsible  for  the  day  to  day management of health and safety within the school along with the Administrator, both are equally responsible. They will:

  • Take primary responsibility for ensuring that the school meets the objectives set out in this
  • Advise the Directors of any circumstances that restrict or obstruct
  • Ensure that the school’s policy statement is actively applied, revised annually and updated as
  • Ensure that an action plan is in place to implement this health and safety policy and that it is reviewed and updated as
  • Ensure that risk assessments are carried out and all necessary control measures are
  • Ensure that all health and safety guidance issued is available to everyone and that appropriate training is offered to help staff perform these
  • Welcome and assist in as far as is reasonably practicable any formal safety
  • Meet and consult regularly with safety
  • Provide a health and safety report to the Directors upon

3.4 The Administrator: In addition to having the responsibilities of all staff, acting as a premises manager, they have additional He/she will:

  • Monitor statutory inspections of premises, plant and equipment, and ensure that they are carried out at the correct
  • Carry out risk assessments within their sphere of influence, ensuring all control measures are implemented and they are reviewed annually or when there is a significant change in them.
  • On behalf of the Head Teacher, remove, isolate or contain any hazard and record and notify the Head Teacher of any such
  • Make regular inspections of the school, paying particular attention to building and services conditions that could potentially become health and safety
  • Notify the Head Teacher and Directors of any circumstances where he/she is unable to take suitable remedial
  • Ensure the emergency exits are clear and that rubbish is not allowed to accumulate in unguarded areas in or around the
  • Undertake electrical safety checking of all electrical appliances
  • Undertake fire risk assessments and safety of relevant areas

3.5 Teachers: In addition to having the responsibilities of all staff, teachers have additional responsibilities within their sphere of They will:

  • Carry out risk assessments within their sphere of influence, ensuring that all control measures are implemented and that they are reviewed annually or when there is a significant change in
  • Advise the Head Teacher and Administrator of anything that prevents them from undertaking their
  • Liaise as necessary with other staff to ensure adequate Health and Safety awareness of their individual specialism, and advise the Head Teacher and Administrator of any problems or perceived training needs
  • Understand this policy and ensure its implementation within their sphere of influence
  • Ensure that the details of all accidents or incidents are properly recorded, investigated and brought to the attention of the Head Teacher and Administrator.
  • Liaise appropriately with safety representatives and refer ongoing concerns to the Head Teacher and Administrator.

3.6 All staff: There is a general duty on all employees to:

  • Take reasonable care of themselves and other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at
  • Co-operate with the employer so far as is necessary to comply with their (the employers) legal responsibilities.
  • Understand this policy and any safety guidance provided to them by the school Directors and apply it to their
  • Advise the Head Teacher of anything that prevents them from undertaking their
  • If any health and safety issue is noted for example spilled water which could result in the slip of fall of a child. Then should take immediate necessary action themselves without waiting for someone else to take care of the situation. In the given example, calling a cleaner or advising students of the hazard would be the most appropriate action to take.

4. Health and Safety Arrangements

This section outlines the arrangements that are in place to manage health and safety within the school.

4.1   Risk Assessment.

  •  Risk assessments will be carried out on all activities and significant risks will be
  • Once these have been ratified by the Head Teacher and Administrator they will be made available to all members of
  • They will be reviewed annually or when there is a significant change in the
  • Staff or students who are at increased risk, new or expectant mothers or those with a disability, either short or long term, will have a specific risk assessment carried
  • Detailed guidance on risk assessment is set out in the health and safety manual for

4.2 Fire Precautions and Emergency Evacuation

  •  A Fire Risk Assessment will be carried out and reviewed as necessary by the Health and Safety
  • Emergency evacuation procedure notices are to be posted at key points throughout the Employees must ensure that they understand these notices.
  • Employees are responsible for ensuring that children in their care are escorted out of the building when the fire alarm has been sounded or in any other
  • All employees must take charge of any unsupervised child.
  • The Head Teacher will make specific arrangements for anyone with special
  • The Administrator, school keeper or premises manager will ensure that the fire alarm system and fire appliances are tested and properly
  • The Head Teacher will ensure that fire drills are carried out each half term or more frequently where circumstances

4.3 Accident and Incident Reports

  •  All staff accidents must be recorded in an accident book,
  • If there is an accident to a student (i.e. one with only a minor injury such as a small cut, graze or bruising) then the incident should only be recorded in a local accident
  • In the case of an injury to a child, the member of staff who was supervising at the time of the incident is responsible for ensuring that the incident is

4.4 First Aid Arrangements

  • Notices are prominently displayed throughout the school detailing the name and location of the qualified Firsts Aiders and Staff must ensure that they are conversant with these notices.
  • Appointed First Aiders are responsible for regular recorded checks of First Aid equipment and for restocking consumables items

4.5 Safety Inspections

  • The Administrator will arrange an internal health and safety inspection of the school at least The inspection team could include:
    • the Head Teacher
    • the Administrator
    • the Director/s
  • The Head Teacher will ensure that inspection reports are distributed as necessary,

4.6 Hazardous Substances

  • No hazardous substances should be decanted into unsuitable If substances are decanted the containers must be clearly marked with the substance it contains.
  • Staff using hazardous substances must ensure that they are aware of the assessment or Hazard data sheet for the substance.

4.7 Portable Electrical Appliances

  • Before using any item of portable electrical equipment, everyone should carry out a pre use inspection to ensure that it is not damaged or shows signs of
  • These appliances are to be tested and maintained on an annual basis by a competent person and suitable records are The responsibility of this lies with the Administrator

4.8 Communications

  • The Head Teacher will arrange for all members of staff to be informed of the Health and Safety Policy
  • The Head Teacher will make arrangements for any necessary health and safety
  • The Head Teacher will work closely with the Administrator and or Director/s to ensure Health and Safety issues are notified and resolved immediately.

4.9 Safety Representatives

  • The Directors and Head Teacher welcome the appointment of safety representatives, where applicable and appreciate the impact they have on Health and Safety