Parent & school


Parent Portal

The parent portal is a system designed to enhance and facilitate the home / school communication process. It allows parents to discover and monitor their child’s progress at school via. Details of homework can be found on the parent portal along with announcements and key school information including assessment dates, the child’s attendance, timetable, reports etc.

The payment of fees will also be moving onto the online system.

Text Messages

In today’s day and age when we are very attached to our phones, one of the most efficient methods of communicating is through written text messages. This is a method we employ at the School, ensuring parents are aware of the need to check their emails or the Parent portal for the most recent and relevant messages.


This is a very important part of learning. It helps to practice and consolidate the learning that has taken place in school and assists in independent learning, self-awareness, time management and discipline, all skills essential for life beyond school.

Homework also allows parents and guardians to become involved in the child’s learning and observe developments and assist the school to develop learning further.

Informative Circulars

Communication with parents can also be in the form of printed circulars provided to the children and through the parent portal application. This is to enhance and develop effective Home School communication.

Tuition Fee Payments

Currently tuition fees are paid though school vouchers. The payment of fees will become electronic soon, with vouchers being available on the parent portal.