Busy Things

Busy Things is an online resource for the early years that includes 115+ fun learning activities that help children learn important skills in the key learning areas of creative development, problem solving, reasoning, numeracy, communication, language and literacy and knowledge and understanding of the world. It is providing kids wonderful environment of learning. It helps children to learn and grow with fun activities, amusing characters and lively colorful settings. It’s up to age 3-11.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan’s School has introduced a Busy things activities for our Primary students as an extracurricular activity to keep students motivated for learning beyond the boundaries of our regular curriculum. Busy Things is a FABULOUS and TIME SAVING tool! It is brilliant for having groups on computers and using during teaching input, supporting our lessons. It supports our pupils learning brilliantly as it is adaptable to child’s needs. The Curriculum and that of Foundation stage are well supported and covered.